Thursday, July 19, 2012

Personalised Number Plates

Discover the Benefits of Buying and Selling Personalised Number Plates
At one time, buying personalised number plates was just for fun. Now, buying a personalised number plate is popular with individuals, business owners, and investors.
Individuals want to make their car unique by purchasing a personalised plate that reflects their identity or sends a message. Business owners have realized that buying a personalised plate helps them with marketing their brand. Investors are well aware that buying and selling rare personalised number plates can be a lucrative business.
If you are considering investing in personalised number plates, remember these three tips:
1. Choose a number that is not specific, but rather will appeal to a broader market.
2. Before you purchase a personalised number plate, check the market to determine the prices of similar plates.
3. If you buy the plate from a dealer, there is a possibility there will be a decline in the value after your purchase.
For the investor, the target market consists of individuals, businesses, and collectors. Collectors are either individuals or companies specialising in collecting memorabilia.
Investors should perform a thorough research process before purchasing a personalised number plate. As previously stated, this business has proven to be a great investment vehicle for investors to generate a high rate of return. Obviously, the more rare the plate, the more money it will bring at auction.
The autoblog reports that a father purchased a number plate for his five week old son for £17,000. He purchased 1 HFH at an auction and intends to keep the plate and pass it along to his son.
In 2008, F1, a personalised plate issued between 1904-1915 sold in 2008 for an astounding price of £440,625.
Remember the economics of supply and demand. They will serve you well as an investor in this market. The F1 was definitely unique (no supply), however, the demand was high. This plate appealed to a wide variety of potential buyers, including automobile dealerships, plate dealers, private investors, and individuals.
Some years ago, a gentleman purchased PAYPAL on eBay for $350. He also purchased FACEBK for $500. This individual knows that his investment will appreciate over time. In addition to the saleability, unique plates like this also document the value of branding. This concept holds true with any business trying to enhance its brand.
Individuals looking for a specific personalised number plate may very well be prepared to pay to have what they want. It could be that someone wants a specific plate to commemorate a special event in their lives and remember: people buy on emotion and justify their purchases with logic.
Businesses wanting to promote their brand can stand above the competition by buying personalised number plates that reflect their business or brand. When people are stuck in traffic and a commercial vehicle is in front of them with a memorable plate, there's a good chance they will remember it. Savvy business owners know the value of branding and are willing to pay a fair market price because they know that the campaign will result in increased revenue.
Another example of branding is used by a leading Brand in the UK. A delivery van displays the personalised plate, "No. 5," representing the perfume Number 5, one of the most popular branded perfumes. You can bet people notice the delivery van after seeing the personalised plate.
Purchasing a personalised plate provides a unique opportunity for recognition. Businesses from plumbers, electricians, furniture delivery services, food delivery companies, and more are able to take advantage of this marketing campaign that sets them apart from their competition.
In summary, a personalised plate can be a great way for an individual to establish his identity or personality, for a business owner to enhance his brand, and for an investor who is smart enough to buy plates that will increase in value.

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